Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance promotes "No Mow May"

A message from the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance:
    This May, the local non-profit environmental group the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) is sharing a campaign to help pollinators and manage stormwater management with communities in the Petitcodiac River watershed, which includes the beautiful Village of Salisbury! The "No Mow May" campaign is to encourage all people in the watershed to take a non-mowing or less mowing approach to lawns and ditches to help our pollinator populations during a critical time of year, the month of May. Spring flowers can provide an early source of nectar for pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and beetles. Allowing lawns and ditches to grow during the Spring month has now offered huge benefits to pollinating species. This includes our native bee and butterfly populations that have suffered a drastic decline in recent decades. This campaign also mitigates the impacts of stormwater runoff during the Spring melt that normally occurs in May. The PWA observes each year during our water quality monitoring project, the quality of our freshwater streams and rivers impacted when the snow melts. Naturalized lawns and ditches for the month of May can help prevent pollutants and debris from entering freshwater ecosystems directly. The roots of the plants will purify and release water to seep through the soil. Plants that can grow unencumbered will absorb more rain and snowmelt that will fill our groundwater reserves used by household wells. So please leave the flowers growing in your lawn in May. Don't worry about the hard work of mowing for a month. Get to know your lawn as a natural space, and watch the bees and butterflies visit you this Spring!