The Memory Maple and Living Lindens' Tree Campaign

logo2The Salisbury Beautification Committee is excited to announce The Memory Maple and Living Lindens’ Tree Campaign. As part of our 2016 Phase One Concept Plans, the community of Salisbury will have the opportunity to purchase and plant a tree along Douglas Street.

A tree may be planted in memory of a loved one, families may choose to plant a commemorative  tree, or businesses may wish to sponsor a tree.  The cost to purchase and plant a tree is $500.

We are having this special online auction for one tree which will be planted in front of Salisbury Village Office.  The tree will also include a granite memorial plaque which will be placed at the base of the tree. Bidding begins at $750.

All proceeds will go to the Salisbury Beautification Project.

Attention Dog Owners


Jessica MacDonald will be our 2016 Animal Control Officers for the Village of Salisbury.  She has been authorized by the Village Council to sell dog tags door to door.  Dog tags are also available at the Village Office and the Silver Fox Veterinary Medical Clinic.  Please direct any complaints or inquiries to: Jessica at 378-3627  

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Lighting of Dry Grass and Open Fires

Just a reminder that there are NO open fires permitted in the Village.....

By-Law 40 states:

- The lighting of any open fire to dispose of dry grass, brush, hay, straw, leaves, buildings, construction materials, automobile or garbage in the municipality is prohibited.

- Other than in a properly constructed incinerator approved by the Department of Environment and Local Government and its successors, no person shall light a fire outside a building for the purpose of disposing of any refuse or waste material.

Historical Photos - Photos of the Past

If you have any historical photo's of Salisbury or just photo's of the village in the past, we would like the opportunity to scan and copy your photo's for future preservation.  If you have an electronic copy of the photo, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you only have the photo, please bring it to the office and we can scan your photo and return it as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Street Lights

If you notice a street light off or not working properly, please contact Trevor in the Works Department at 372-3243 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  He will need the location and any numbers on the pole when reporting the repair to NB Power.

A Word From Our Mayor

Welcome to our web site.  We thank you for your interest in our village and hope you find everything you need.  We are proud of our village and the services we offer and invite you to join our community and take part in the many activities and organizations available.

The Village of Salisbury is nestled along the Petitcodiac River in southeast New Brunswick.  The Village itself is approximately 14 sq. km, with a population of approximately 2208.

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