COVID-19: New Brunswick Goes Orange as Cases Spike (Jan. 5, 2021)

    With 27 more cases announced by NB Public Health on Tuesday, Jan. 5th, the entire province is being downgraded to the more restrictive "Orange" stage of New Brunswick's coronavirus recovery plan. This goes into effect at 12:00am, Jan. 6th. The move comes as the province experienced a doubling of its number of cases in less than six days, bringing the number of active cases to 80 and resulting in some strong words from Premier Blaine Higgs:
    “In spite of aggressive messaging prior to and during the holiday season, we knew that some would selfishly ignore the rules. There is a risk that our health-care system could be faced with hundreds of new cases each day and would quickly be overwhelmed. We must act swiftly and decisively to ensure that does not happen.”
    The many rules under Orange include a single household bubble and mandatory facemasks in both indoor and outdoor public spaces.
    Full details of the change can be found via the following link:
 January 5, 2021 NB Press Release