Municipal By-Election


  Running for Councillor

Advanced Poles - May 6, 2017

Ordinary Polls - May 15, 2017


blake-bartlettBlake Bartlett 

Hi everyone, I have lived here for 9 years and made some wonderful friends and acquaintances. By now you should have my mail out. I also hope to meet you in person as I go door to door.

As important as roads, infrastructure, budgets and council meetings are, the real heart of a community are its people. l have spent my whole life investing in children, youth and families, both as a vocation and almost all of my spare time. l have spent years & years as a Youth and Family Pastor and  Camp Director. I left Consulting Engineering to do so. My heart aches because of the things our youth are dealing with. I believe our teens and young adults are being over looked. l currently serve as volunteer Asst. Coach and co-chaplain for Crandall University Men's Basketball. I volunteer as a coach and ref. in Salisbury and am on the Parks and Leisure committee. l have been a supply teacher here and I formerly was Asst. Coach for JMA Sr. Boys for Bball and soccer. I have served for four years on council in Salisbury and would welcome the opportunity to work hard for you again. Please take the time to read my flier and Please vote. 


Todd McNeil

Todd McNeil

 Hello, My name is Todd McNeil. 

 I grew up just outside of the Salisbury area and have been living in the village for the last 10 years.  I have a very busy wife, Melissa, who stays home with our 4 children; Jaylin (10), Shyanne (9), Tarik (4), and Kallen (2). 

 For the last 8 years I have been an active member on the Salisbury Fire Department. My day to day job is a project manager; handling large multi-million dollar projects with teams of 30 plus people.

 I would like to continue to serve the community as a Volunteer Firefighter as well as a Councillor.  I believe my experience in working with people and budgets would be an asset to the council as well as adding diversity to the current group.   


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