NB now in Phase 3 of COVID-19 Recovery

The New Brunswick Government announced on May 22nd that its COVID-19 Recovery Plan is now gradually advancing into Phase 3 (“Yellow”) with different stages at staggered dates. To date, following 22,920 tests, there have been 122 confirmed cases, of which two are active. 120 have recovered.

This third phase in the Recovery Plan, during which the province remains under a State of Emergency, includes: two-household bubbles being permitted to expand to include close friends and family (while still being encouraged to keep indoor gatherings at 10 people or fewer, and respecting social distancing of 2m). Also, among the businesses permitted to open immediately are hairdressers/barbers and tattoo artists.

The full government release, including notable dates during this gradual roll-out of Phase 3, as well as a number of helpful links to additional information, can be found

COVID-19: Impact on Yard Sales

The onset of warm weather brings with it the weekend tradition of yard sales. Top of mind for many of us right now is whether or not yard sales are permitted to take place during this unprecedented Coronavirus global pandemic. The short answer to this question is, yes, but with conditions set down by the New Brunswick Government. Here’s what the Emergency Measures Organization has told the Village of Salisbury:
- Yard sales can occur during the current phase of the NB Recovery Plan, but everyone still must follow the Order (ie. State of Emergency directives):
- Landowner must prevent gatherings of more than 10 people, including themselves.
- Yard sale can be outside only.
- Homeowners cannot allow buyers into their homes.
- Buyers and sellers must wear masks if they cannot maintain a 2 metre distance from one another.
- Buyers and sellers are advised to follow disinfection practices and guidelines of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Dog Tags - Deadline Extended Until July 31, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting New Brunswick State of Emergency, the Village of Salisbury is, once again, extending the deadline to purchase 2020 Dog Tags without paying a $15 late-fee. This means instead of May 31st the deadline will be July 31st, due to the fact that at the present time there is no way to purchase dog tags due to business closures, including the Village Office, until further notice and the NB Health directive for physical distancing to reduce the community spread of the Coronavirus. Until July 31st, Village of Salisbury 2020 Dog Tags will remain only $10 (spayed or neutered) or $30 (not spayed or neutered).
(NOTE: The original deadline for dog tag purchases without penalty was March 31st. On March 16th, due to the Coronavirus, that deadline was extended to April 30th, and on April 17th it was extended again to May 31st.)

COVID-19: NB Reporting No Cases

The May 19th report from the province indicated that there were no new cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick -- in fact, there are no active cases at all. Of the confirmed 120 cases of the Coronavirus in the province, all 120 have recovered. To date, there have been 20,791 tests conducted in New Brunswick.

the province is in Phase 2 (Orange) of the COVID-19 recovery, which is aimed at the reopening of businesses and activities while working to prevent a resurgence of the spread of the virus. More information on Phase 2 is available online ( here ).

COVID-19 State of Emergency Extended by NB (May 14, 2020)

The New Brunswick Government has announced another 14-day extension of the State of Emergency, approved by Cabinet and the All-Party Cabinet Committee. This comes amid news of no new cases of COVID-19, leaving the number of confirmed cases in the province at 120, with 118 recoveries, since the onset of the global pandemic. Neither of the two remaining cases in New Brunswick have required hospitalization.

New Brunswickers are urged to remain vigilant in the common fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, including by staying within a two-household bubble; by maintaining 2m of physical distance from others when out, or wearing a face-covering when this is not possible; and by frequent hand-washing.
( NB_press_release )

Salisbury Celebrates Canada Day 2020 - Virtually


Canada Day Pic

Unfortunately, in light of the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our Salisbury Celebrates Canada Day event in Highland Park is CANCELLED.

Instead, planning is underway to help celebrate together differently this year, in a way that will allow us to come together virtually to share our pride in being Canadian. We will still celebrate our country’s birthday with “Virtual Canada Day Celebrations.”

More details to come!

NB Enters Next Phase of Coronavirus Recovery

Announced by Premier Blaine Higgs on May 8th, New Brunswick's COVID-19 recovery plan has transitioned to Phase 2. This means businesses and activities can carefully reopen, ie. with conditions (physical distancing, etc.). This includes, but is not limited to, retail stores and restaurants; as well as daycares, offices, libraries, museums, zoos, campgrounds, and ATV trails. As well, elective surgeries can start taking place again and non-emergency health services, including dentists and physiotherapists, can reopen. Outdoor public gatherings, with physical distancing, of 10 or fewer people are now permitted. Also permitted are indoor public gatherings, again, with physical distancing, of 10 or fewer people for in-person religious services, weddings and funerals. Face masks will be required to be worn in public if physical distancing cannot be maintained. Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Jennifer Russell, says it is expected that New Brunswickers will continue to limit close contact to those only within their two-household bubble. ( Full_NB_press_release )

Meantime, no new cases of COVID-19 were reported in New Brunswick on May 8th, putting the total number of confirmed cases in the province at 120 since the outbreak began, only two of which remain active cases. The province has conducted 17,029 tests to date.

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