Council Members - June 2021


2021 Council 
Mayor Robert Campbell - General Government   Send me an email
(Municipal Building, Civic Relations, Personnel, Economic Development, Tourism, Grants)
Dianne Ayles  -  Administrator/Clerk     Send me an email
(Not Shown in picture) 
Councillor Nathan O'Blenis - Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails/Environmental Health     Send me an email
(Parks, Playgrounds, Trails, Wetlands, Solid Waste (garbage))
Councillor Stephanie Thorne - Recreation and Wellness/Library   Send me an email
(Department of Recreation and Wellness, Library, Canada Day, Community Days, Beautification Committee)
 Councillor Sarah Colwell - Environmental Development   Send me an email
(Community Planning (Planning/Zoning/Building Permits/Subdivisions))
Councillor Jason Gallant - Transportation Services/Wastewater Disposal   Send me an email
(Road Maintenance & Repairs, Snow Removal, Ditching & Culverts, Storm Sewer, Street Signs, Lanemarking, Street Lights.... Sewage Collection & Maintenance)
Councillor Doug Hamer - Protective Services   Send me an email
(Fire Department, RCMP, Animal Control, EMO, Ambulance Services)




* In the case where a seat is vacant, the Mayor will be responsible for the department 

Municipal Election - May 10, 2021

Running for Mayor

R Campbell 
Robert Campbell
Salisbury Councilor Rob Campbell will be running for Mayor in the upcoming New Brunswick Municipal Elections. Rob, his wife Tracy and daughters Nadia and Livy are longtime residents of the Village.
"I understand the challenges and the opportunities for our Village and will ensure a long-term vision and strategic plan is not only put in place, but as well available to the community as part of transparent government. I believe in setting goals and bringing accountability to the role where I plan to bring approachability, transparency, openness to change and being a voice that will speak up for Salisbury to the position," said Campbell.
Campbell is heavily involved in the community sitting on the Village of Salisbury’s Action Committee for the last six years, served as Chair of Trustees for Salisbury Baptist Church, Winter Carnival Committee, Beautification Committee, President of Salisbury Minor Basketball, coached teams at the Middle School as well as the provincial basketball programs here in the Village. In December 2020, Rob helped drive a very successful and fun shop-local campaign in Salisbury that not only helped local businesses, but as well helped drive community pride and lifted people's spirits.
"Our community is a vibrant regional hub and service provider, with enormous potential. We are moving in a positive direction with strong business and population growth potential, that will require vision, and strategic planning to maximize the opportunity. Leadership will be important to position the Village as a destination of choice for both new business and residents while maintaining the elements that make Salisbury unique. I look forward to providing that leadership as your Mayor, and am humbled at the overwhelming support everyone from our community has given to my candidacy for Mayor, said Campbell.

Running for Councillor

S Colwell
Sarah T. Colwell
A little about me...
I am a proud mother, partner, daughter, sibling, and friend. I have three beautiful children (ages 12, 13, and 14); my fiancé and I are especially grateful to raise our young family in the village of Salisbury. Although neither of us originated from Salisbury, we chose Salisbury as the place to lay down roots and now, years later, realize we would never want to raise our children anywhere else.
You have likely passed me walking the trails and streets of our village or possibly interacted with me at the gym; I am personally committed to living an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to being active I have many DIY projects on the go at any given time at our family home on Peter Street. I believe that in these times of stress mental health is paramount, and I find these pastimes keep me grounded.
I am passionate about our community and its future because it is my family’s future as well. I have had the pleasure of volunteering for the SMS Breakfast Program as well as sitting on the Salisbury Parks & Leisure Action Committee. I’ve managed, and continue to manage, various sports teams as well as volunteering for community events. I am the current President of the Salisbury Petitcodiac Flyers Minor Baseball Association; Secretary for the Salisbury Petitcodiac Minor Basketball Association, and Chair of the United Way Committee (at my current place of employment) where I was named campaign coordinator of the year in 2020 for Southeastern NB.
As our community continues to evolve, and our demographic continues to change, I want to put a conscious effort into understanding what our community needs now. In particular, what are the needs of our young families, our growing population, and our infrastructure.  What does the future of Salisbury need and how do we build on the successes of our elder population?
    “There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror, your future matters more than your past.” - Max Lucado
I am passionate, committed, diverse, and I will bring great energy to the table. I have always worked to make our community a better place and that is what I intend to do as a prospective councillor.

J Gallant 
Jason V. Gallant
For those who don't already know me...
I have been a resident of Salisbury since the year 2000 when my wife Jill and I made the decision to move home from Ontario to raise our family. My wife, Jill (Anderson), was raised and attended school in Salisbury, while I’m originally from Sussex. I have grown to love Salisbury and I’m proud to call it home.
With talk of municipal reforms at the provincial level, it's more important than ever for Salisbury to have a unified council with a strong voice. I am committed to ensuring the sustainability of our village while allowing for continued growth for years to come. As a member of council, I will be a voice for the people and bring fair and balanced representation to the table.
In my capacity as a leader, I have learned how to bring teams together and work as a single unit toward common objectives. I know my leadership qualities and experience in the corporate setting will help propel our Village to the next level.
I am a Dad of 3 (Eliza, Kayla & Jacob). I currently sit on the PSSC as chairperson for SMS/JMA Armstrong High, and have actively worked on the committee for several years. In the past I was a volunteer firefighter with the Salisbury fire department and for a period of time was the President of the Riverview Skating Club.
Looking forward to being a voice on Village Council. #VoteJayinMay

Larry K. Haley
Good Day to You.
My name is Larry K Haley. My wife Joanne, for 40+ years, and I are both Salisbury Regional High grads and two of our three children are JMA Armstrong grads, and now one of our four grandchildren is attending school here.
The first house we bought was here in the village limits. We have lived in and restored three 100+ year old homes in the Village of Salisbury.
I am a self-employed renovation contractor, for 35+ years working from our home with a passion for studying the habits of the Super Healthy and sharing what I have learned with others.
My grandparents, Walter and Ella Haley, moved from their farm in Albert County in 1947 to a working farm at 2808 Fredericton Road in the village limits so their seven children could go to school in Salisbury. Our schools have been a focal part of our community for many decades and needs to remain something we in the village can all be proud of.
In 1988 we bought this farm from my parents. Living in Salisbury most of my life I have seen constant changes, met a lot of you, and have become very grateful to live in and be part of our small community. Being self-employed has taught me many valuable lessons that would assist me in being a good Village Councillor.
I desire for Salisbury to remain a healthy and safe place for all ages. I am looking forward to finding ways to enrich the lives of everyone who lives here.

D Hamer
Douglas Edward Hamer
I am offering my name for the position of councillor in the upcoming municipal election in the Village of Salisbury. I see a tremendous future for Salisbury and wish to be part of the council team to make it happen.
My background includes 37 years with Riverview Fire Rescue and retiring in 2011 as Fire Chief. I have served on a variety of organizations including Past President of the New Brunswick Association of Fire Chiefs, former board member Food Depot Alimentaire, current treasurer of the Wesleyan Union Cemetery, and 7 years as a Volunteer Captain with Salisbury Fire Rescue. I graduated with a Diploma in Public Administration from Dalhousie University.
Housing for seniors in apartments or semi detached homes, rental, or single family housing for young families are in big demand. The replacement of our 70 year old Elementary School is long OVERDUE. These take a strong council effort to promote and encourage developers.
The Provincial government’s announcement of “municipal reorganization” appears to be creating the potential for serious tax increases...something I have serious concerns about and I think the majority of citizens of Salisbury will too.
I ask for your support on May 10th to be elected to a council seat. My phone number is 872-3922; email address,

N OBlenis
Nathan R. O'Blenis
My name is Nathan O’Blenis, and I ask for your support as I run for Council on Election Day!
I have had the pleasure of calling Salisbury “home”, for 37 years. I grew up in Boundary Creek and attended school in Salisbury, Graduating from J.M.A. in 2001.My wife Jennifer and I married in 2005, and for 15 years it has just been the 2 of us (and 1 grumpy cat ????). In 2019 we began training and in 2020 we became a Foster family. Leading and mentoring youth and children in our community has been something I’ve done for many years, and this is another way that I can be a positive figure in someone’s life.
I graduated from ABU (now Crandall University) with a business degree in 2005. You will often find me volunteering in many different areas at Salisbury Baptist Church. Among other things, I am currently the Chairman of SBC’s board of trustees, and I co-lead our youth program.  As chair of the board of trustees I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside our community's Department of Recreation and Wellness.
I am not someone who generally enjoys the spotlight, but you will often find me hard at work behind the scenes. I bring passion to whatever I’m working on. I believe we have an amazing community, with so much potential for growth. I believe we have the potential for a council full of diverse individuals, bringing listening ears and great ideas to the table.If elected as a member of council, I will be YOUR listening ear and YOUR voice and advocate for the people of Salisbury. Some of my priorities will be encouraging business opportunity and growth within our village while keeping our property taxes among the lowest in the province.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to join other members of our community to meet the needs of Salisbury’s future. I am hard working, committed and passionate, and if elected will use these assets as a member of your council to help grow and strengthen our community!
On May 10th, please consider voting for me as a member of the Salisbury Village Council. Until then, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me via email ( I will do my best to answer each one.

S Thorne
Stephanie Thorne
Hi there! My name is Stephanie Thorne and I am running for Salisbury Village Council in the upcoming Municipal Elections.I was born and raised in Salisbury and have loved calling it "home" for the past 36 years. My husband and I were married in 2009 and we are the proud parents of 6-year-old Leslee. I am a Certified Professional Accountant and currently work as a Chief Financial Officer.
One of my core values is to help where there is a need. This value has led me to volunteer in many different areas within our community. You may have seen me coaching soccer in the summer or co-leading the Junior Choir at the Salisbury Baptist Church. I also sit on various committees that I am passionate about, including the Salisbury Elementary School (SES) Parent School Support Committee, the SES Playground Committee, and the Salisbury Community Days Committee.
This core value is also why I am running for Salisbury Village Council. We have seen vacancies around the Council table for far too long. I believe we need a full Council of passionate individuals who not only want to see our community grow, but who also have a vested interest in issues that matter. If elected, I will fight for our schools, encourage community programs, and promote local businesses. I will listen to your concerns, communicate with transparency, and act as your advocate sitting at the Council table.
Furthermore, I believe that it is time for the Village of Salisbury to, once again, have a strong female voice at the table who is willing to question "the way things have always been done." It is time for fresh ideas, new perspectives, and energetic enthusiasm to make Salisbury not only an inviting place to live but also an exciting destination for visitors looking for a friendly place to shop, eat, and play.
As we head to the polls on May 10th, I am asking for your support. I have loved this village my whole life, and I would be honored to represent you as Village Councillor.

Municipal Elections - May 10, 2021

Have you ever considered running for municipal council? 

Municipal general elections that were postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 are scheduled to occur on Monday, May 10, 2021.

Candidates may begin to file their nomination papers with the appropriate returning officer once their offices open on Monday, March 22, 2021. The nomination period closes at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Information and a general guide to the election process for those interested in becoming candidates is available at  If you have questions that are not answered, please contact either the Municipal Returning Officer or Elections NB in Fredricton, at 1-888-8585-VOTE(8683), or the Elections New Brunswick website at

For information on the role of municipal councils, contact your local municipal office, or the Capacity Building Branch of the Department of Environment and Local Government at 506-453-2690, or their website at

You can also find some great resources for candidates on the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick website.

NB Public Health has developed the following guidelines for candidates considering running for the municipal elections: link)

If you plan on becoming a candidate and wish to send a photo with a short introduction to yourselves, we will post it here on the Village of Salisbury website.