Salisbury NB

Lighting of Dry Grass and Open Fires

Just a reminder that there are NO open fires permitted in the Village.....

By-Law 40 states:

- The lighting of any open fire to dispose of dry grass, brush, hay, straw, leaves, buildings, construction materials, automobile or garbage in the municipality is prohibited.

- Other than in a properly constructed incinerator approved by the Department of Environment and Local Government and its successors, no person shall light a fire outside a building for the purpose of disposing of any refuse or waste material.

Salisbury Approves New Fire By-Law

Salisbury Village Council has approved a new Fire By-Law (details). It follows the direction of Provincial burning advisories/bans. The By-Law also outlines exactly what items can be burned and in what way; ie. in approved appliances only (open fires in the municipality are PROHIBITED). Salisbury Fire Rescue reserves the right to order any fires that are not in compliance to be extinguished, and are authorized to issue tickets as they may deem necessary to enforce this By-Law.