Salisbury NB


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Southeast Eco360 is launching a new 3-bag waste sorting system!

Here are a few details to keep in mind during this transition:

· Recyclables go in a blue transparent bag and include paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, Styrofoam and small electronics.
· Organics go in a green or certified compostable transparent bag and include food and yard waste.
· Garbage goes in a clear transparent bag and is for everything else (excluding hazardous and dangerous materials). If you’re not sure, put it in the clear bag.
· Collection of the 3-Bag syst
em begins the week of October 24, 2016. Your regular garbage collection day will not change; only what colour bags you put out. For your collection schedule, use our My Schedule tool on our Facebook page or website.

· Start sorting in your home the week of October 17th for collection the week after.
· New sorting guides and collection schedules are being delivered to each home in the region this week.
· Bags may not be collected if you use black or other non-acceptable bags, or if you have any hazardous or dangerous material in them.
· All we ask is that you do your best, give the new system a try and your bags will be collected.

If you have any questions, call our hotline at 877-1040 or visit our website at or send us a message on Facebook.